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After having spent hours and hours perfecting my photobook, there was an error when it came time to printing. I was told to just reinstall their software on numerous occasions, but this helped not one jot.

Their IT support was totally ludicrous and their support was hopelessly moronic. They refused to pay me my money back (for a fault not my own - it was one of them who at first deleted my upload file in trying to resolve the issue) and kept saying to keep trying.

Well, I have a life and won't waste any more time trying to get it fixed - they should know their software better.

Terrible customer service and only interested in your money. DON'T deal with them.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Couldn't agree more on the customer service they used to be so good but now you cant seem to get through to a competent person and they are disinterested in helping you. Now I know why they do the voucher thing so they get your money first and don't have to follow through with good service.

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